I've been a filmmaker most of my life, my passion, my need, my want to make a positive difference for others through my stories.

In my young career as I was starting out as a camera operator and directed my first film that won an award, my life was changed in a flash of a second when two youths both stabbed me and left me for dead, bleeding across the pavement. 

Im still here, I have the scars, nerve damage, and slight limp to remind me of the value of life and how important it is to try and make a difference for others.

I continue to explore and make my films and Im now known as a smartphone/iphone filmmaker and for over 10 years I continue to train and help disadvantage youth through filmmaking skills. 

For me this website is about offering the opportunities for anyone to learn some basic skills in story telling and filmmaking using their mobiles - this technology has opened up a whole new world of filmmaking that crosses all communities with no judgment. Its a revolution.

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JAN 2018

American Mobile Filmmaking Company Beast Grip publish and interview with Cassius Rayner's journey from traditional filmmaking into smartphone filmmaking


OCT 2017


Director Cassius Rayner teams up with Co-Director Dimple Devadas which was officially selected in the London Eye International Film Festival. The only film selected shot on an iphone. A great night, with many talented filmmakers with feature films and documentaries.

10 International Film awards

OCT 2017

Cassius Rayner and Dimple Devadas have now received 8 Film Awards for 'Silience in London' a film he shot and co-directed.

Movie magazine


Cassius has had a lot of coverage of his work in iPhone filmmaking and several write ups in US Movie Magazine.


quote 'That definition explains the force bringing the visuals together in the Rayner/Devadas film. We’re viewing a documentary of often overlooked bits of creativity'


Quote "Rayner is a prolific London-based filmmaker who is dedicated to sharing his skills with novices. In the following interview, he takes us behind the scenes of “Street Art,” 

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