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Pivo - remote camera operator

if you need to shoot tutorials, behind the scenes, product shots, events or general activities then the GET PIVO might be an interesting solution. I’ve just started to test out this new gadget and it’s early days but so far I’m already thinking many ideas in how it can assist me in my work as a mobile filmmaker. Many times I’m on shoots on my own and sometimes it would be great to capture the process but I don’t have a second camera operator - well with the pivo you can set it up on a tripod with a second smartphone and it will record and follow your actions via face detection or even body movement - and again so far I’m pretty impressed with it. Now I’m not sponsored by them or paid by them but it’s worth having a look at if like me you mostly shoot alone but would like to have that second mobile recording whether it’s filming yourself or capturing another angle of your shoot. Check the website

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